You can call me Reggie. I create
Branding | Websites | Documents.

I’m happy you found me.
Now let’s design
something together.

“Art is much less important
than life
but what a poor life without it”


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Here’s how I can help.





Web Design


Document Design

My goal is to deliver something that works and is right for you.

Each project is unique and presents its own challenges and rewards and we make sure to dedicate the appropriate amount of time, effort and attention to the work.
That’s my end of the bargain, the rest is up to you.

Focus on your business.

Every client gets the best I have to offer whether we’re working on branding, web design or presentations.

Projects start with a conversation, preferably face to face, to get a solid understanding of what you are looking to accomplish.

Then we explore the motivation behind your work and the traits you want to highlight in your project.
Once we’re finished with the discovery phase it’s time to dive deep into research followed by a thorough internal critical review before we setup our next face to face.

Why choose Areginal Communications?

Are you tired of revision limits?
How many designers have you already hired?
Do you agree it’s time for something better?


We want to become your partner of choice.
For this partnership to work we follow a very simple approach based on simple values.

Let’s walk through it.

We Understand.

First things first, do you prefer tea or coffee?
New York City is full of new spots we love to explore so either one works.
Now that we got that out of the way we can sit back and get to know each other.

We work with you to get fully immersed in your existing universe. Then and only then, can we begin to understand what your work means or see what opportunities for improvement you were missing. A clear understanding through both quantitative and qualitative analysis is the foundation of our process.


We Research.

Now that we have a decent idea of what you are looking to get done we can start our research. We do our homework to make sure the marks and identity systems we develop for you will be relevant and meaningful. And to make sure you won’t run into any legal issues.

What are the norms in your industry and how can we make sure you are positioned to succeed?
Are you looking to fit in or break the mould? These are some of the thoughts the guide our investigation.
Once we are done reading, scanning, mood-boarding, taking screenshots and querying we grab our sketchpad and a few freshly sharpened blackwings


We Design.

Espresso. Check. Miles Davis. Check. All systems go…start over.

Our initial approach may need to change. Adopting an agile mindset, we design prototypes that go through many iterations until we have a solution that works for you and your business.
We know that not every idea will be love at first sight but every one will be a chance to learn something new and get inspired until we find the one.

After all that work, now what…?


We Collaborate.

Armed with your new visual identity we work with you to make sure it is applied consistently throughout. Whether it be through print, social media or the digital marketplace.

We partner with you to choose the best vehicles to express your passion and we offer support at every step.


Now that you know what we do and how we do it,
take a look at some of
our work

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